Gus, Gilly and Stru, brothers and oat farmers from the Sunny South of Aotearoa, looking to change the way we produce food. Sons of the South.

Sunny South is the product of three brothers growing concern of contemporary farming practices and it's toll on the environment. Sunny South extracts the natural goodness from organic oats grown using regenerative farming practices to produce a delicious milk alternative.

‘Sunny South’ a nod to the long summer day light hours and minimal water requirements to grow oats.

Our Mission

To change the way we farm in Aotearoa, providing farmers plant based production opportunities. The community we were raised in grows the best the oats in the world, with majority of the produce being fed to dairy cows. Inherently curious, we asked why not make milk directly from oats? Our mission is to drive a systematic change in the way we farm in Aotearoa.

Our Journey

Manufacturing limitations in New Zealand have forced us to look at off shore facilities. Although we wanted to use Aotearoa grown oats, we decided it was socially irresponsible for us to ship oats from New Zealand to be processed off shore.

Sunny South has chosen to partner with experienced organic oat growers and world class oat milk production facility, based in southern UK. Our partner is a world leader of organic oats with direct traceability to the farms the oats are grown on.

Manufacturing capacity will catch up to product demand in New Zealand and at this point we will use oats grown in the Sunny South of Aotearoa.

It’s a journey.