There is Ooomph
in them Oats.

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Give it some Oats.

Tastes good, feels great.

Organic production provides nutritious soil, the start of the Sunny South supply chain. We are proud our oats dont rely on chemicals such as glyphosate or oil derived synthetic fertilisers to grow. Oats grown by nature, naturally.

Natures done all the hard work, our job is to let the smooth and creamy oat flavour flourish. 

We add no sugar to our milk, any sugar reading is a result of the naturally occurring sugar in oats.

Sunny South oat milk is vegan, vegetarian, plant based, veggie, veggo, flexitarian… etc etc

We use the oat kernel nature has provided.


No additives, thickeners or sweeteners. We are proud of being oat. Why replicate dairy by loading our milk with additives?

Sunny South oat milk is produced using 4 simple ingredients:

Oats, Water, Salt and Sunflower oil. 

Sons of the South

Gus and Gilly, a couple of oat farmers from the Sunny South of Aotearoa.